N’Golo Kante; A football gem of vibrant spirit

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 N’Golo Kante; A football gem of vibrant spirit.

He didn’t ask to lift the trophy because he didn’t want to hurt anyone’s ego, a sheer taste of humbleness.  He didn’t clatter. He didn’t run at the chance of grabbing the trophy.  He stood and admire from close by. His action was noticed. And the trophy came to him.  The one true luckiest football of our time. N’Golo Kante!

How can you not react with a smile or laugh or giggle when you see his smile. He’s definitely not the finest or most beaitiful in regards to his facial look. Some will even unreasonably declare him ugly. Yet, he emits the purest of smile that even the envious persons can’t envy.  He lives on the simplicity of life and never fight the glamour of the hour.  He came from nowhere and won all our hearts with little or no questions about his ability. He stumbled to the top and has showcased the greatest class of humility and content that many in his shoes wouldn’t and couldn’t do.  He deserves more than mere glowing accolades.  He deserves a carving in our hearts as football lover, of which he has in mine.  You might say he’s short but it will never equate that he’s short of anything other than world class.  

Three years ago the foxes came to the Premier League. Called onto an unknown players like many other newly promoted teams do at the top flight.  But little did they know they got there hands on the purest football  gem the world was yet to see. But for less than 7 million dollars, he became the driving force of in the biggest fairytales in football history. He became the Prince Charming for EPL’s sleeping beauty. His physical stature clearly underrates his output. A teammate of his said ‘Kante covers 30% of the earth while water takes 70%’. A finite statement of his work rate and commitment to his designated job.

Only a few knew that Kante was once a street cleaner. He swept some streets in France while he harbor football in his heart. Now he’s on his was to becoming a grand general of football.  He never goes for unnecessary tackles. Whereas he has become consistent and mature with his tackles. You rarely see him pick up cards, or receive persistent warning from any referee. He has a social life that’s not social enough for the media to castigate him like they’ve done many others.  And when ever his picture finally do pop up, he’s always at the heart of humbleness. He deserve the respect.  Even when his team is torn apart with important and humiliating defeats or results, his never wavers.  Rather he’s the go to guy for comfort and point at for motivation and maturity.

His height is no detriment to him excelling on the field of play. Rather it subconciously makes rival opponents underestimate him. This give him free assess to discharge his duties withoit hindrance. And he surely clap back the stupidity and foolish of belittle his importance in a game. Sometimes, even his teammates fall victim of his absence in a game as they tend to play below their usual fluidity or pace. He’s usually the neatest player on a pitch based on football morals. The small stone carrying a rock; maybe his african lineage comes to play.

The foxes let him go way too early, thinking he was just a season wonder. Chelsea came calling following their disgraceful campaign when the foxes won the English Premier League title. A new manager, new plans for the blues, plenty more top target avaliable in market but kante was their sole focus. Chelsea are typical player gamblers, and on thst note, Kante was the tricky dice. His confirmation move to Chelsea secured his an automatic position in the first eleven. He came at a steal away price, 32 milion euros for Chelsea but huge profit sale for Liecester City; a 5.6 million euros buy from SM Caen in France. Other players moved in him to Chelsea but none outshone him. Probably if the transfer market was as crazy as it is now in the summer of 2016, he probably will cost at least thrice as much.

He slotted perfectly into the Conte system so much so that Conte became vulnerable whenever he didn’t play. Kante can’t play in another position aside the central midfield; mainly defensive midfielder. His job is just to win the ball back, break opponent play and give the ball to the more attack minded players. But sometimes he’s the initiator of the moment of brillance or the finisher of one. Of which his teams rally around to celebrate him; during and after games. With came in the starting line up, Chelsea won 68.5 (CNN)  percent of their games. Notably their 13 straight wins. A feat that won them the EPL title during Conte’s debut year in England. A straight second for the french international. The world praised his uniqueness and massuve contribution to the teams truimph which was wonderfully capped with him winning the PFA Player’s Player of the year in the same season.

Kante’s trajectory fariytale story with liecester City won him his place in the french national team. Usurping some key figures from the Les Blues starting line up and he has never looked back. The French head coach Didier Deschamps was wooed by his fantastic display and his dejavu EPL feat with chelsea again cemented their footballing marriage; manager and key player. Kante has gone on to make 31 apppearances for france with the fans applauding his every effort. He played a pivotal role in france Euro 2016 team, all the way to the final. His first international competition but missed out on the trophy, courtesy of a beautiful strike from Portugal’s Eder. But he was called upon against to be a soldier for the les blues at the just concluded Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup. He not only did he obey france clarion call, he led them to the final. His work gave room for teammates, Paul Pogba and Blaise Matuidi to thrive excellently with a youthful hunger which saw them dispatch the likes of Belgium and Croatia comfortably.

Kante became a winner of the biggest prize in world football; the World cup. He was celebrated like his other teammates. He recieved the gold medal too but was too shy to ask to lift the trophy while they were posing with it. France midfielder, N’Zonzi asked teammates to let the midfielder to pose with the trophy as the jubliant French team celebrated in the Moscow rain. As the rain poured more the only left on N’Golo Kante face was a radiant smile of a winner. Three year on a world stage and he has won the biggest titles ever. The purest gem in world football.